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Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Glossary

Types of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Glossary:

Non-Powered Ground Support Equipment or Non-Motorized GSE

Dollies: are used for transportation between the aircraft and terminals of cargo pallets, boxes, loose baggage, mail bags and more 

Baggage Carts: are used also for transportation of baggage between aircrafts and terminals.

Aircraft Service Stairs: the Passenger Stairs helps the maintenance to reach into and out the aircraft. There are several categories similar with the same function as Passenger Ramps and Boarding Bridge.

Potable Carts: is a special equipment provide potable water to an aircraft. 

Lavatory Carts: is a equipment that can empty and removed the waste and also refill with water and disinfecting concentrate (blue juice). The lavatory carts services are used for small aircraft.

Tow Bars: is a bar installed between an aircraft and the push back tractor.  

Powered Ground Support Equipment or Motorized GSE

Air Start Units: is used to start the aircraft.

Ground Power Units: is equipment used for supplying power to an aircraft.

Baggage Tractors or TUGs: the tractor are used for move equipment as baggage carts, Air Start Units, Ground Power Units, Lavatory and potable carts and more. 

Belt Loaders: is a vehicle used for loading and unloading baggage and cargo onto aircraft.

Push back Tractors: vehicle used for push and move an aircraft





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