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GDPR - Ground Support Equipment Aeroservicios USA we Respect your Privacy

Aeroservicios USA, with more than 22 years in the industry of Ground Support Equipment

We respects your right to privacy. This Privacy Notice explains who we are, how we collect and use information about you, also how you can exercise your privacy rights. 

Personal Data We Collect Some of this data will have been provided by you, such as when you submit a request in our website or when you inquire, subscribe to our mailing list, purchase, rent any equipment, or contact us for support. You have choices about the data we collect. When you are asked to provide personal data, you may decline. But if you choose to provide information that is necessary for us to provide a service, we will always use your information responsibly to help you with your request. The data we collect can include the following: Name and contact details: We collect your first and last name, email address and phone (optional) from most of our online forms. Content: We collect information on the content you engage with on our sites and via our marketing communications. 


How does Aeroservicios USA Personal Information Secure? We use appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the personal information that we collect and process about you. The measures we use are designed to provide a level of security appropriate to the risk of processing your personal information.

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Re-Chassis FORD 350 XL Super Duty - GSE Manufacturer

Re-Chassis FORD 350 XL Super Duty

Aeroservicios USA is Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Manufacturer

We offer a new Re-Chassis FORD 350 XL Super Duty that can be turn into four different types of Ground Support Equipment (GSE): Lavatory truck, Potable Truck, Stair Truck and Bobtail Truck 

 Contact us for more information 

Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Glossary

Types of Ground Support Equipment (GSE) Glossary:

Non-Powered Ground Support Equipment or Non-Motorized GSE

Dollies: are used for transportation between the aircraft and terminals of cargo pallets, boxes, loose baggage, mail bags and more 

Baggage Carts: are used also for transportation of baggage between aircrafts and terminals.

Aircraft Service Stairs: the Passenger Stairs helps the maintenance to reach into and out the aircraft. There are several categories similar with the same function as Passenger Ramps and Boarding Bridge.

Potable Carts: is a special equipment provide potable water to an aircraft. 

Lavatory Carts: is a equipment that can empty and removed the waste and also refill with water and disinfecting concentrate (blue juice). The lavatory carts services are used for small aircraft.

Tow Bars: is a bar installed between an aircraft and the push back tractor.  

Powered Ground Support Equipment or Motorized GSE

Air Start Units: is used to start the aircraft.

Ground Power Units: is equipment used for supplying power to an aircraft.

Baggage Tractors or TUGs: the tractor are used for move equipment as baggage carts, Air Start Units, Ground Power Units, Lavatory and potable carts and more. 

Belt Loaders: is a vehicle used for loading and unloading baggage and cargo onto aircraft.

Push back Tractors: vehicle used for push and move an aircraft





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