Aeroservicios USA Inventory - Push Back Tractors - 10,000 to 15,000 lb. GVW Push Back Tractor

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Push Back Tractors - 10,000 to 15,000 lb. GVW Push Back Tractor

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Localization Stock No Serial No Image Make/Model Cap Engine Trans/Gen/Com Year Actual Condition Brochure Status
Redland 9941 10953 Push Back Tractor Harlan HTLPAG-80 Harlan HTLPAG-80 10000 lb GVW Ford 4.2l V6 Ford C6 Auto 2002 Operational Yes
Rented 7501 01C2621 Push Back Tractor NMC-Wollard NMC-100 NMC-Wollard NMC-100 12000 lb GVW Perkins 1004 Automatic 2001 Reconditioned Yes
Rented 12151 97-C-1920 Push Back Tractor NMC/WOLLARD 140-12 NMC/WOLLARD 140-F-12 14000 lb GVW Ford 300 6 Cyl. Gas Automatic 1997 Reconditioned Yes
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